Looking for a place to serve:

In addition to opportunities in Hospitality and Worship Ministries, First Lutheran offers a variety of places where members can use their gifts in service to others.  Some are ministries of our congregation.  Others are ones in which we partner with with other churches and organizations in our community.  If you would like to use your talents in any of these ministries, contact the church office for information on how to connect with ministry leaders.  Here are places you can share your gifts:

Project Hope, Ann Newman and Sarah Cotton

This group prepares and serves funeral dinners for families and friends on the day of the funeral.

Property Maintenance, David Newman and Jim Farrell

Dave Newman and Jim Farrell head up the team that works to maintain the church’s property by doing small repairs and other projects.  If you would like to be part of this service ministry, contact Dave through the church office.

Open Door Food Kitchen, Kristy Langdon

Kristy coordinates the First Lutheran teams that are part of the rotation of groups that prepare and serve meals at the Open Door Food Kitchen on Saturdays through the year. Our teams serves 2 Saturdays each year.  First Lutheran covers the cost of these meals through a “Food Kitchen” dedicated account.

Haven House, Carol Bunge and Jeff Langdon

Haven House, located at 700 Olive street and operated by the Community Missions Corporation, houses 18 chronically homeless men in 9 semi-private suites.   It also incorporates a “safe haven” providing shelter for up to 7 additional men in crisis situations.  First Lutheran provides an evening meal once each month to residents and others who may join for that meal.  If you would like to help cook or serve these meals, contact Carol or Jeff.  Funding for these meals comes from the church’s “Food Kitchen” dedicated account that also funds meals we serve at the Open Door Food Kitchen.

Thrivent, Cody Vaughn Representative

First Lutheran members use their Thrivent Action Grants to raise funds for a variety of projects in the neighborhood around the church.  Thrivent representatives also provide financial education resources and workshops for the congregation and community.

Imagine Eleven, Roger Lenander, Jeff Langdon, Misty Coyle

This eleven week Sunday night outdoor concert series runs from early June through mid-August at the Coleman Hawkins Park in downtown St. Joseph.  These free concerts in a wide range of musical genres offer an opportunity for people of St. Joseph to come together to celebrate the community music creates.  This series, organized by First Lutheran, has a number of community sponsors.  If you would like to be a sponsor or help in any way contact Roger, Jeff or Misty. If you are interested in seeing the schedule of events please visit www.imagineeleven.com  

Faith In Action, Nadienne J. Hoffman, Director

Volunteers from churches through out our community provide assistance with transportation, cleaning, respite, small home repairs and conversation to shut-ins in the community.  First Lutheran is a member of Faith in Action.

The Crossing, Dan Gach

The Crossing is a broad program of outreach to people in poverty in our community.  It’s ministries include a cold weather shelter, a nutrition center, opportunities for individuals to meet with resources in developing work skills, finding jobs and housing.  Members of First Lutheran support the Crossing by volunteering in a number of areas.

Food For Kids, Sheila Gilbert

This neighborhood ministry conducted by Sheila Gilbert provides daily lunches to over a hundred children in the neighborhood and community through the summer months.  First Lutheran supports this ministry financially.

Girl Scouts, Misty Coyle

First Lutheran provides meeting space for the Girl Scout troop led by Misty.  Scouting provides leadership development, life skills, teamwork, and healthy relationships with youth and adults.