Where Can I Serve?

Our journeys in life often look very different on the surface; age, ethnicity, social status and geography define our life experiences, in many ways.  Ministries can be ongoing or may fulfill a specific need.  They may be led by members of First Lutheran, First Lutheran as a partnership with other organizations, or individual ministries in the community.  Each of the ministries through First Lutheran Church falls under one of        3 Ministry Keys:

        • WelcomingBecause of Jesus’ love, we are freed to serve our neighbors in love.
        • Educated In Our Faith – For adults, we all share a commitment to spreading God’s word—and sharing God’s love—in the world. To live our lives in and for Christ in both church and society—that’s at the heart of discipleship. But it doesn’t just happen on its own. Under this Ministry Key, you can learn about big and small ways we can pray, participate and provide—to share faith with others.  As for the younger members of church, Martin Luther once asked, “What do we older folks live for if not for the care of the young, to teach and train them?” The importance he placed on education has remained a hallmark of the Lutheran church for centuries, and is truly part of our calling.  Check out what opportunities available for the children and youth as well as opportunities to serve children and youth!
        • Spiritual Growth – Spiritual Growth is essential to our relationship with our Lord, as well as our desire to share the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ.