Where Can I Serve?

We deepen our faith through service to others.  Through service we spread God’s word and Jesus’s welcome to all who hunger to experience and live in God’s grace.  Within our ministries there is a place for you and your particular gifts and ministry passions. 
Click on the links below to read about ministry opportunities. Each of the ministries listed includes the current lead person for that ministry.  You can contact any of them through the church office to learn more about how you might participate.
If you don’t find your particular ministry interest listed, talk with Pastor Sami or a council member about how you can help begin that ministry here.
        • Hospitality Ministries – Ministries listed here center in how we practice hospitality and build relationships.  Also included here is how we manage our property to insure that our buildings are welcoming.
        • Worship Ministries – A number of ministries support our spiritual growth through worship. These offer many opportunities for your to participate in enriching our worship life. Read about them here and consider where you share your gifts.
        • Service Ministries – We engage in a number of service ministries in our community. Check them out to find places where you can put your talents to work.