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First Lutheran Foundation

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Mission and Vision

The First Lutheran Church of St. Joseph, Missouri Foundation (hereinafter referred to as “the Foundation”) exists to support innovative projects that sustain and expand the mission of First Lutheran Church and to address the needs of the hungry. 

We do this through receiving and managing gifts, grants, bequests and designated contributions of money and property so that the principal of the funds donated is preserved in perpetuity, making only the interest earned available to fund grant requests from the congregation and support hunger related ministries. 

Foundation Board

The Foundation is governed by a five-member Board of Directors.  Current directors are Sarah Cotton, Deann Young, Phil Heeler, David Schmidt and Dan Chladek.   Please feel free to contact any board member to discuss the Foundation. 

The Matthiesen Fund 

This fund, established through an estate gift, is dedicated to addressing hunger needs in our community and in the world. 


Each year, the interest earned is gifted to a variety of ministries that address the needs of the hungry.  First Lutheran Church’s Church Council provides direction on how these gifts are distributed. 


Over the years, this fund’s principal of $200,000.00 has generated a total of $139,530.00 in interest which has been donated primarily to local charitable organizations including First Lutheran Church for Sunday Community Dinners and Wednesday Cafe. 

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The General Fund 

The Foundation’s General Fund is dedicated to the support of new and innovative projects at First Lutheran Church. 


The fund’s balance at the end of 2019 was $229,380.00 which shall live on forever.  Through 2019 a total of $58,750.00 in interest money earned on that principal has been donated to First Lutheran Church for various projects. 


Monies from the Foundation for projects approved by First Lutheran Church’s Church Council is used as seed money or matching funds rather than as the main source of funding for a project. 


Available funds from this source are not to be used for budgeted, current or regular expenses. 


Please contact a Foundation board member for further information about this fund or to request a grant request form. 

Making A Donation

There are a variety of tax-exempt ways individuals can contribute to the Foundation and its work.  These include: 

— Making a donation of money, property or stocks 

— Contributing out of Required Minimum Distributions from an IRA 

— including a bequest to the Foundation in your estate planning, will or trust. 

— Designating Memorial Gifts to the Foundation 

— Adding “Transfer on Death” to the title to real estate or other property, stocks, bonds, annuities or other investments. 


Donations are accepted at any time and in any amount. 


For more information on how you can support the Foundation’s mission, contact any of the board members listed above or email the Foundation at 

The First Lutheran Church of St. Joseph Missouri Foundation is registered with the State of Missouri as a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation.  It was established September 20, 1992, and granted its Certificate of Incorporation on January 21, 1993. 

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