Church Council

In addition to the Leadership team that supports the ministries of First Lutheran Church we have an eleven-person Church Council which meets monthly and as needed to provide general oversight of the life and activities of the congregation.  A third of its members are elected by the congregation each year.  The Congregation President, Vice President and Secretary are elected each year by the Church Council from its membership.
Our current Church Council members are:
  • Brenda Bass, Secretary
  • Carol Bunge
  • Terry Cotton
  • Jim Farrell, President
  • Dee Dee Hebb
  • Sylvester Heeler
  • Marilyn Hunt
  •  Sarah Knorr
  • Kristy Langdon
  • Jim Pierce, Vice President
  • Debbie Taylor

Executive Committee

A five-person Executive Committee meets as necessary between Church Council meetings.  The executive committee includes the President, Vice President and Secretary, together with our Pastor and Treasurer.  Its current members are:
Pastor Keith Hohly
Jim Farrell, President
Jim Pierce, Vice President
Brenda Bass, Secretary
Cyndee Simpson, Treasurer